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BoltShip Express provides you with the best Refundable Insurance package Plans you can find for your international shipments. This insurance is 100% refundable upon delivery of your products(packages) at your port of delivery, office or home address. We will advice all clients to follow up the delivery process with your assigned Agent to avoid any harassment with Airport /Seaport Authorities or the Customs about your package. The secret behind our success in this world full of competition has been our Dedicated services, Trust worthiness, Timely deliveries and Efficiency in the discharge of our duties.

Should you buy shipping insurance?

We have all been there when shopping online.  Spending ages looking at reviews, browsing all the websites to find that perfect deal, and checked out what they have to say on social media.  Your shopping basket is ready to go, and you are already getting excited and thinking about the parcel arriving on your doorstep.

Before that happens, though there is a whole new list of questions to answer.  One of those is insurance.  What?  Surely the seller deals with all of that!  The truth is maybe they do, or perhaps they do not.  That is the ultimate insurance question.

Can you afford to lose your money if your purchase is delivered damaged or never arrives?

When you’re shipping high value items or large quantities of goods, you’ll naturally want to be protected if things go wrong. In the same way we insure our cards, houses, and mobile phones, shipping insurance provides us with some financial protection should shipping issues arise that aren’t within our control.

What is covered by shipping insurance?

Like all insurance products, coverage will depend on the terms and conditions of the policy you have taken out, as well as the insurance provider you’ve chosen. This means that you will need to do your research and select the most appropriate policy for your needs, making sure that the shipping insurance covers the value of goods and the type of goods you are shipping, as well as the method of shipment.

Typically, a good shipping insurance policy will cover theft, damage, delays, or loss, for a variety of reasons including weather, breakdown, customs delays, and more.

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